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Leisure by the Beach, Havelock Island

After a nice holiday through the sub-continent, leisure by the beach is one of the best ways to recuperate and recharge. We have the most ideal destinations across India’s coastline as well as the beaches on the island of Sri Lanka designed especially for this purpose. With pristine white sand beaches, destinations such as Bentota and Ahungalla are wonderfully peaceful places of leisure.

With a little over a 1,000 kilometres of coastline on the west coast of India’s sub-continent, we have been able to hunt out uniquely pristine and beautiful locations of quaint beaches in the state of Kerala,

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beautifully outlined beach fronts with plantations as backdrops in Nileswar, the warm ocean waters of the Bay of Bengal in Pondicherry and the hidden gems tucked away in the coastline of South Goa.

Speak to us and we can incorporate a memorable and uniquely different beach destination experience to culminate a wonderful holiday through the sub-continent of India or the Island of Sri Lanka.

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